FoneTech Automatic Soap Dispenser & 500ml AquaSan Liquid Hand Soap.

Get two great products for one great price! The FoneTech Automatic Dispenser with one bottle of the Malibu- AquaSan Liquid Hand Soap. Trust me once you use this soap once you’ll be coming back for more.
Manufacturers: FoneTech , Malibu AquaSan

The FoneTech Automatic Dispenser, is a great cost effective way to increase hygiene and save money. It’s sturdy, stylish and holds 400 ml of any kind of liquid including soaps and gels. We supply it with 4 batteries so it’s ready to go. A sensor activates the unit when you run your hand under it.

Dispenser - Features

  • Sturdy - so ideal as a free standing unit by the sink, in bathrooms and Kitchens

  • Wall mountable

  • Waterproof

  • You can control length of time unit dispenses

  • Dispenses a controlled equal quantity every time so no wastage - saves money

  • Hygienic - as less touching

Soap -

  • Antibacterial

  • Effective against Corona Virus

  • Aloe Vera formula makes it an excellent moisturiser

  • Manufactured in UK

  • Vegan approved - Zero Animal testing

  • Smells great!

Observation - it's not great with glukey hand sanitiser, it works but heh just being honest here, otherwise you’ll love it.