Shipping & returns

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New Normal Solutions - Shipping and Packaging and Returns


‘Fairness, clarity and honesty’

As a small business we won’t get the best rates going, but we will look to keep your costs as low as we can, we will subsidise where possible and we will make sure that our costs are visible and easy to understand. Expect you order to arrive 2-3 days after ordering but if you need it sooner there is a next day service available.


●     For orders received before 1-00 pm we will endeavour to ship same day

●     For orders received after 1-00 or at the weekend we will look to ship on the next working day. (not at weekends)

●     If there is any possibility of delay in the delivery time we will contact you and let you know, assuming you have provided us with your contact details!

●     Where possible we will offer a 2-3 day service and a next day service, for UK mainland

Shipping Costs

All figures shown include VAT, what you see is what you pay


●     For any order under £20 in value

○     2-3 day service           £3-75

○     Next day service         £6.50

●     For orders between £20 and £30 in value

○     2-3 day service           £2-00

○     Next day service         £4-50

●     For Orders over £30 in value

○     2-3 day service           Free

○     Next day service         £2-50


 ‘As green as we can be’

We will make sure that all orders are safely and securely packaged to minimise the chance of damage or spillage. But, where possible, we will reuse boxes and any packaging materials. We will make sure that single use plastic is used more than once, although our preference will be to use paper and cardboard not plastic. So your packaging might look a little used and rough around the edges on occasions, and that’s because, well it is! But we all know what’s more important.

Returns and Warranty


So we have to be honest here, when it comes to PPE, we can’t really take it back if there is any chance it’s been opened, there’s just too much risk. If you feel unsure about what you are ordering then call us to chat about your concerns or order a small amount first and see if you like it. We want you to keep coming back so hopefully we will get it right the first time. However, If there is an issue, say damage or we have shipped the incorrect items then as long as we are informed within 10 days of receipt of the goods, we will rectify the problem at our cost and according to our Warranty policy.


All tech will come with a 1 year warranty. In addition it will be covered by our additional ‘New Normal Solutions Replacement Service’ (NRS)  which is valid for the three months after the invoice date. For full details check out our Warranty Policy.