Malibu- AquaSan: Bucket of Hard Surface Sanitiser Wipes (460)

This useful bucket holds a proper quantity of hard surface wipes (460) so you won't run out in a hurry! Always there to ensure you keep those important surfaces and objects free from germs and viruses. UK manufactured, vegan friendly, antiviral, antibacterial with70% alcohol (ethanol) and BS EN1276 approved. Remember : THIS PRICE INCLUDES VAT & SHIPPING
Manufacturer: Malibu AquaSan
  • Available in any quantity. (Even by the Pallet)

  • 70% Alcohol (ethanol)

  • Low Lint Wipes

  • Highly absorbent

  • Sensible size

  • High Strength (won’t tear or rip)

  • Fully certified and approved (BS EN1276 Certification)

  • Manufactured in UK

  • Vegan approved - Zero Animal testing

  • Documentation available on request

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