PPE - We have some great products, we supply the entire Malibu range of AquaSan, they do really nice quality sanitiser, soaps, wipes and hard surface cleansers, that you can order in any quantity. All manufactured in the UK and Vegan friendly. 

Then there's Masks, Visors and Dispenser and we also have available the

'Mediport Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Testing Kit' (packs of 20 tests)

 Avaialble soon in any quantity from 1 up!

So search under Hands, Face, Space and Testing to find what you need!

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AquaSan Hard Surface Cleanser Spray (100 ml Bottles)

Make sure any surface is safe and clean with this conveniently sized 100 ml bottles of surface cleanser. Ideal to have with you at any time, keep in your car, manbag or wherever! It’s a UK manufactured, vegan friendly, antiviral, antibacterial hard surface cleanser with 70% alcohol and BS EN1276 approved. Made by Malibu (the santan people!)

Malibu - AquaSan Liquid Hand Soap (500 ml)

A quality UK manufactured antiviral, antibacterial liquid hand soap with added aloe vera. It comes in a pump action bottle, really gentle on hands and effective against any virus. It’s manufactured in the UK, is vegan friendly and above all it smells really great!

Malibu- AquaSan: Bucket of Hard Surface Sanitiser Wipes (460)

This useful bucket holds a proper quantity of hard surface wipes (460) so you won't run out in a hurry! Always there to ensure you keep those important surfaces and objects free from germs and viruses. UK manufactured, vegan friendly, antiviral, antibacterial with70% alcohol (ethanol) and BS EN1276 approved. Remember : THIS PRICE INCLUDES VAT & SHIPPING